Creating Accent Walls

Are you looking for an easy and inexpensive way to add life to your home? Creating an accent wall is a great way to spruce up any room!

Although there are no set rules when creating a feature wall, here’s a few things to keep in mind when coming up with an idea.

Which wall should I choose?

The best wall to choose is usually the one you first see when entering the room. Your wall should be symmetrical and, if possible, try to avoid walls that have slopes, niches or windows. Sticking with one wall per room is ideal.

Now what?

You’ve chosen your wall. Now what? 

You might think paint is your only option, but there are plenty of ways to create an accent wall that don’t involve painting it a bold colour. You can experiment with wallpaper, tile, a gallery wall or even shiplap! The aesthetic and feel you’re going with for the space can help dictate what colours or style you choose.

Keep in mind that accent walls can work just as well in a neutral colour as a bright one! Remember, nothing is permanent – have fun with it!

What else can I add?

A popular choice to enhance an accent wall is a wall mounted fireplace. Fireplaces can add warmth and character to any room – and come on, they’re so cozy.

You could also add shelving to add not only depth, but practical storage to any space that needs it!

What about the ceiling?

If you really want to think outside the box, consider your fifth wall – the ceiling. While white ceilings can help heighten a room, dark ceilings can make a room cozier. A statement ceiling can transform an entire space and make it feel memorable and unique! Something as simple as a shade lighter or darker than your wall colour can be enough to make an impact.

Whatever material, colour, or style you choose, accent walls are a great way to liven up any space. Our in-house designer can work with you to choose the perfect accent wall for your new build or renovation.

Get in touch with our team if you’re ready to get started on your own dream home – we can’t wait to hear from you!