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Two Rocks


Sq. Ft.
Better Than Code

This open concept space is another beautiful project brought to us through Habit Studio. Sitting on the side of a hill, this house truly takes advantage of the views to the front, while still connecting the bedroom spaces to the forest in the back.

As a Net-Zero Passive House, this structure is exceptionally-well insulated and airtight. The windows are European-made triple paned, the floor slabs have an insulation r-value of R-43, the walls an r-value of R-50 and the roof is R-82.

Low maintenance, natural finishes were selected for the interiors. The floors are polished concrete and clear whitewashed maple. Maple is also used as the stair finish, and raw steel beams support the exposed loft floor structure. The walls were left white, to allow the exterior landscape from the large windows to provide the true splashes of colour. As always, every element, detail and selection were considered here, which is to be expected when working with Habit.