Top 10 Recommended Electrical Upgrades

At Bentley Built, we understand that crafting your dream home is more than just four walls and a roof. It’s about completing your space with comfort, convenience, and cutting-edge technology. In today’s blog, we’re making sure that convenient electrical upgrades are not an afterthought but a well-incorporated factor in the planning stage of your custom home!

Wiring for Motorized Blinds

Say goodbye to annoying cords and hello to seamless style and functionality with motorized blinds. Effortlessly control natural light and privacy levels at the touch of a button, all integrated seamlessly into your home’s electrical system.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Illuminate your kitchen workspace like never before with under cabinet lighting. Enhance both functionality and ambiance while adding a touch of modern elegance to your culinary haven.

Motion Sensor Lights

Enhance security and energy efficiency with motion sensor lights placed around your property. Whether deterring intruders or guiding your path in the dark, these lights provide peace of mind and practicality.

Generator Panel

Prepare for the unexpected with a generator panel integrated into your electrical system. During power outages, ensure uninterrupted comfort and functionality, keeping your home running smoothly regardless of external conditions.

Electric Vehicle Charger

Embrace the future with an electric vehicle charger installed in your custom home. Streamline the charging process and support eco-friendly practices while adding value and convenience to your property.

Sound System Integration

Immerse yourself in entertainment throughout your home with a custom sound system. From soothing melodies to heart-pounding beats, enjoy high-quality sound tailored to your preferences in every room.

Security System

Protect what matters most with a comprehensive security system tailored to your unique needs. From surveillance cameras to smart locks, rest easy knowing your home is fortified against potential threats.

Hot Tub and Pool Wiring

Transform your backyard oasis into a haven of relaxation with dedicated wiring for hot tubs and pools. Enjoy relaxing soaks and refreshing swims with the assurance of safe and efficient electrical connections.

Future Outbuildings

Prepare for expansion and versatility with wiring provisions for future outbuildings. Whether a home office, workshop, or guest cottage, ensure seamless integration of electricity into your evolving property.

Underground Power

Enhance curb appeal and safety while minimizing visual clutter with underground power distribution. Enjoy uninterrupted views of your picturesque surroundings without sacrificing the convenience of modern electrical amenities.

At Bentley Built, we understand that the heart of a home lies in the finer details that make it uniquely yours. From the flicker of under-cabinet lighting to the reassurance of a generator panel, our focus is on enhancing your comfort, security, and connection to your space. We’re here to help guide you on your home building journey, ensuring that your finished home reflects your lifestyle and values. Reach out to us today and let’s bring your dream home to life in the beautiful Annapolis Valley!