Does it Cost More to Build a High Efficiency Home?

Why build a high efficiency home?

High efficiency homes reduce unnecessary energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and demands for nonrenewable resources. They can also provide more comfortable living conditions and save you money over time!

Climate change is widely accepted as an unsustainable future, and carbon emissions caused by housing play a large role in this issue. As a homeowner, this is your opportunity to do your part in building a sustainable future for our planet!  

As a business, Bentley Built does not offer a “code built” option on our website. That means, our base model is aimed to be 40% more efficient than the requirements of the current National Building Code (which are guidelines for the construction of structures).

On top of the long term sustainability factor, there are several more reasons to build high efficiency homes:

  1. You limit, and potentially eliminate, your exposure to rising heating costs.
  2. You lower your requirements for heating equipment (both upfront and maintenance) over time.
  3. The home is more comfortable to occupy and it’s easier to control internal temperatures.
  4. It generally saves you money, if you consider all the factors over the life of ownership.
  5. There are rebates available to help offset the upfront cost (a great bonus!).
  6. You can easily add energy producing equipment to your high efficiency home and go full Net Zero, or unplug and go Off Grid altogether. The technology is readily available and we build these regularly!

So, what does it cost?

Costs can vary based on the plan for your home. Check out Our Packages page to take a look at the various packages with cost energy upgrades we offer. It will give you a great idea of the cost for different levels of efficiency.

Looking for something custom, or still have questions? Send us your plans and ideas and we can get back to you!