Intro to the Bentley Built Education forum

Building a home, or any major structure for that matter, can be a very taxing and stressful task for a lot of people. Especially for those with no prior experience with construction practices, material selection, or design options, three of the major required responsibilities of home construction customers.

It is our goal, with this new section of our Blog that we like to call the Bentley Built Education forum, to help make some of those choices easier, and educate the masses about the importance of each of those major choices they will be tasked with making, as well as the pros and cons of various options available to them. Our infographics, videos and other visual aids offer a simple and fun way to learn about some of the nuances of the construction world, without having to spend great lengths of time learning the lingo and mind-boggling specifics.

Follow along as we introduce new topics about all things Construction and Bentley Built. Curious about the specifics of design-build options versus turnkey options? We’d be happy to clear that up for you. Interested in the possibility of Energy Efficiency or Passive Homes? First read about how our energy efficiency options work, and how they benefit not just you but the whole world around you.


-The Bentley Built Team