A New Era of Bentley Built

Welcome to a new era of Bentley Built!
Over the past year our team of experts has worked tirelessly on a number of projects and initiatives centered around our customers and communities, and we are now ready to share them!
Bentley Built has been rebuilt from the ground up! Starting with a new focus on approachability, creativity, transparency and humility, the Bentley Built brand and team has been redesigned to more appropriately reflect the values we hold so dear. We no longer consider ourselves simple experts in the field of construction, but lifestyle experts who specialize in improving upon and establishing the ideal Annapolis Valley lifestyle. This is most noticeable in our two biggest ventures over the previous year; our new corporate structuring, and our new website and branding:
Corporations usually reshuffle their structuring when they identify an issue with the current processes, or a need to address customer desires that aren’t currently being fulfilled. We quickly discovered through our analysis that we needed to do the same if we wanted to truly provide the best possible service to our customers. So, Bentley Built Homes was stripped down to the bare framing so to speak, and a new corporation was built in its place, Bentley Built. With new divisions of the company designated for each of the major services we provide, our customers and industry partners will have a much clearer grasp of who and what division they are dealing with, and our overall umbrella brand will become much more easily recognizable and memorable across all its uses in our services and the real world.
With the new branding and website for Bentley Built, we are finally able to employ an image that truly captures the emphasis we place on our corporate values. With such a major focus on customer and community engagement and education, we’re very proud to announce that our website will include a regularly active Blog section for educational and informative pieces about all things construction, up-to-date project news and recaps, and all kinds of other content related to our team, community and projects! Already know what you’re looking for? Then try out our state of the art Build + Price feature in the Packages page for accurate pricing on your next project!
Be sure to check back frequently with us too, as we introduce you to these features over the coming weeks and show you how we’ve designed the new and improved Bentley Built to maximize your building experience!