Throwback AW Allen’s Ad

Time Warp!

Let’s flash all the way back to 1957, with this retro A.W Allen’s newspaper advertisement, headlining our then ahead-of-its-time design-build processes and convenience as a one-stop shop for home building experts!

A lot of things have changed over the past 60 years, especially the technology we use to get you in your home. Just take a look at that phone number! One thing that will never change however, is our commitment to taking care of every challenge, hiccup or aspect of the construction process! Your projects couldn’t be in safer hands than with Bentley Built!

A.W Allen’s proudly guaranteed 3 promises in their advertisement 63 years ago, and those promises still stand today with Bentley Built:

We will help you save money.
We will stick to your budget.
You will be working alongside trusted experts.

We look forward to serving our community for many more decades to come, so that future generations of Bentley Built family and friends can look back in admiration at what we’re building today!